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The Original McDonalds Menu

Check out the prices for McDonald’s original menu back in the 50s. Back in the day, McDonald's loved adjectives even more than secret sauce.

Via: flickr

Jimmy Fallon's SNL Audition Tape

A 24-year-old Jimmy Fallon auditioned for “Saturday Night Live” in 1998. His Adam Sandler impression is probably the highlight. A true diamond in the rough.

Dog Meets Wolf

Rasta the Vizsla slowly stalks down a wolf on a golf course (turns out it was a coyote). This is real time, not slowed down, the stalking was actually about 6 minutes, cut down to a bit over 2 minutes.

Shared Web Hosting Showdown [Infographic]

Is your hosting company costing you too much? Ever wonder what web hosting company will give you the most for your money or how big the company really is? We set out to try and find these answers for you. Find the major difference between all of this and more for ten of the biggest web hosting companies out there. After seeing this you might be inclined to make the switch!

Click image to see a larger version.
Shared Web Hosting Showdown

Via: Hosting

The Ancient Origins of Plastic Surgery [infographic]

Plastic surgery has come a very long way since the days it began which some historians date all the way back to 1213 B.C. These days it is no trouble to nip this and tuck that in just a matter of minutes with certain cosmetic surgery procedures.

Have you ever stopped and thought about the history of plastic surgery for just a second? The folks at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas put together this great infographic piece depicting the history of cosmetic plastic surgery into a visual timeline.

Click image to see a larger version.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Raise a Kid? [Infographic]

Everyone knows that it’s expensive to raise a kid. Just how expensive is it to raise a child? The real price tag on raising a child from birth to 18 is pretty staggering- it may be far more than you ever expected it to be. Each child that you raise will cost more than buying three brand new, 2011 Jaguar XFs.

Click image to see a larger version.

Via: Visual Economics

Crime On Campus [Infographic]

In 2010, the United States Secret Service, Department of Education, and FBI released a report focusing on violence at institutions of higher education. By understanding these occurrences and learning from them, we can better protect ourselves in the future.

Click image to see a larger version.

Via: onlinecolleges

A Frog Sitting On a Bench Like a Human

Probably one of the coolest frogs on earth! He decides to take a break from his busy schedule and enjoy the weather.

Fearless Cat Shows Bear Who's Boss

A group of bears looking for their next meal stumble upon a delicious cat. Funny enough, the cat defends itself and the bear gets scared and runs away.

Let's Explore the Ocean [infographic]

James Cameron's recent journey to the deepest part of the Pacific ocean opened the door for future exploration of the sea floor. But despite covering 72 percent of Earth and supplying more than 70 percent of the world's oxygen, there's still a lot we don't know about our planet's life support system.

Explore the Ocean
Created by:

Pizza Hut Adds Cheeseburgers to the Crust

Because we don’t have enough ways to get fat these days, Pizza Hut has developed a pizza with cheeseburgers in the crust. Luckily this is only available in the Middle East right now, because if it hit US shores I’m pretty sure our waistbands would just give up and die.

The Death of DVDs: More Movies will be Watched Online in 2012 [infographic]

Netflix lost 2.76 million DVD subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2011, as more and more of the service's customers shifted to streaming-only packages. But even if the iconic red envelopes are disappearing from a mailbox near you, Netflix still has a solid foothold in the movie marketplace. In 2012, movies viewed online are expected to outnumber movies viewed on DVD and other physical formats for the first time. Will 2012 mark the death of the DVD?

Click image to see a larger version.

Via: Onlinedegrees

Bohemian Rhapsody On The Way To School

Parenting: You're doing it right. From the video description on YouTube:

It has become a morning habit to sing Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to school in the morning. Depending on traffic, we can usually start the song as we pull out of the driveway, and pull into the school just as the song ends.

Coke Vending Machine Takes Hugs Instead Of Money

Coca-Cola continues to share love and happiness all over the world, this time in Singapore, Coke came up with this lovely vending machine that gives free Coke bottle when you hug it! You know, vending machines have feelings too :) do you think a bank can do it for an ATM?

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